Myself through the years.

Frankly saying, since I came from a broken family I have learned how to be independent and to respect others wisely at such a young age. I get to always remind myself that I must excel and do my best to make my mom
proud and happy. To be honest, I’ve experience selling different foods at my school until late high school. Don’t
get me wrong, I also play and enjoy quality time with my friends and neighbors. We sometimes sing and dance our heart and soul out enjoying every beat of music. We really cherish every moment as if there’s no second time around. One thing is worth remembering and to be grateful for; all
the laughter, tears, restless playing and childish fights. What can I do? It’s the nature of children by the way.

I want to take advantage of this moment to say something to the elementary me. As you may know, you
did a great job and I will be always thankful and blessed that you’ve experienced such a thing even if you’re still young. I like you in the way that even if many struggles have come you always chooses to smile, laugh and thank Him.

Please continue to learn and grow as you are still in the process of your ideal self.

My elementary self.

This moment of mine I must say it was quite a roller coaster ride. Since the adolescence and teen year is at this
point of time, I tried to fit into my environment and join different co-educational activities in order to find and develop my passion, interest and self identity. I tend to seek care and
love and even enter a relationship expecting that I can have what I’m longing and craving for. There comes the time that I questioned myself, “What do I want to achieve in life?” And I suffer anxiety, panic attacks and close to depression. Many problems and confusions came but I remain strong as rock and sometimes as calm as the ocean.

After all, I realized that whatever may happen there is always a sun that shines just like the real people around you, silently praying and supporting you. There’s a reason to have a bad day but so many reasons to be thankful and blessed. I gain courage and strength and I will use it as I move forward to my real journey in life; college and young adulthood.

To the high school me, you never failed to make me proud, prouder and proudest. Keep on learning, growing,
sharing love and care and lastly always remember to keep your feet on the ground and your head up above the skies. I hope you’ll achieve everything that your heart and mind

My high school self.

Here I am conquering the real journey in achieving my dreams. I am a deep person and have a few people who
understand me maybe because of my past experiences. As I take this moment I will accept responsibility and outcomes. I will maturely face all the challenges heading through my way, all for my goals. And will surely accept and embrace new learnings that I will be thought of. I can say that I’m ready not because I had no choice but because I have enough courage and strength to do so came from my old self.

To the college me, as I’ve thought I will always be the proudest. Look at you now you’re so well grown but still a lot
of things to learn. I ran out of word the moment I realized you’re one step closure to your goals.

Continue to do what I thought you and what others thought of you. Be as humble as you are and thank Him for everything. Live. Learn. Grow. Love. Until you can proudly say, “I made it!”

My college self.

I am who I am.

Again, I’m here fighting in vain,

Demons in mind are left unsaid.

Stoically looking at the ceiling,

Silently hurt and stilly begging.

Storms in head keeps on blowin’,

Heavy rain feels my soul within.

But I choose not to be heard again,

‘Cause I knew I can still do something.

This time, I wanna be heard. Soon, y’all will know me.

Dive; Deep down to my core and scars.